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Thursday, January 12 2017

We are born into this world not of our own choosing.  When we are conceived in our mother’s womb we do not know who that person is nor do we know who the father is.  We don’t know if they loved each other; if they were rich or poor, mean or nice; or even if the conception took place because of a crime committed against the woman.   Unfortunately, in today’s world the process in conceiving a child in many cases was not about love at all.  It was more about our own lust.  I am not here to discuss lust in this blog.  I only mention it to make a point and that point being that we are not in control of how we came into this world.  Some of us came into good and loving families while others came into dreadful, destructive ones.  I believe that these family environments can and do shape our growth as people.  However, is it the only thing that plays a part in that growth? Does it influence us as to whether we are good or bad?  Let me propose a much larger question which is,  Are there any of us who are good at all?  

                I read a blog by Dr. Jennifer L Kunst who is a psychoanalyst.  She tells of how she gets to know here patients, their feelings, traumas, successes and failures. She tells of how some came from very horrific childhoods filled with abuse, confusion and poverty; and yet, they find a way to see good in their lives.  While in contrast, others who were raised in very loving homes with lots of advantages, care and support,  are drawn to the bad in life.  She goes on to say that most of us fall somewhere in between these two examples; and that the research shows that we don’t start out in innocence, having a blank slate in life.  I am not a Ph.D.  However,  I have seen the very same things in people’s lives.  

               This leads me to the question that I asked at the beginning.  Are there any good people in the world?  I personally know lots of people who I would consider to be good; and it is my great pleasure to know them.   What interested me the most about her blog was the phrase, “we do not start out in innocence”.  This was not a Christian blog as far as I could tell.  However, in her research she has uncovered a Biblical truth. Jesus said in Luke 18:19, “Why callest thou me good? None is good, save one, that is God”.  Is the goodness that we choose enough to get us into Heaven? Is the badness that we choose going to deny us entrance inside the pearly gates?  None of us are innocent no matter whether we try to do good or not.  We are all drawn to do bad in some form even if it is telling a small lie that we felt helped us in some way.  As Dr. Kunst pointed out in her blog, we have a choice in life whether to choose the good or the bad in it.  From a Biblical perspective, we can only choose good through God.  We can choose to have God in our lives or to leave Him out of our lives.  In Genesis 4:6-7, God tells Cain to be careful of his choice.  One choice will gain him acceptance and the other will cause sin (or evil) to be his ruler.  There is none good no matter which way we choose.  The only choice that makes us good is the choice for Jesus to be our Lord. That is the only good by which we will enter into Heaven.


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